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Hirez Studios (independent contractor) – Smite Console League 2016, Smite World Championship Jan 2017


My name is Tyger, and i’m a 24 year old Georgia native with a passion for gaming. What started out with a Playstation 1 and a few Spyro, Digimon, and Crash Bandicoot games has stemmed into a passionate hobby well into my adult life. I’ve branched from electronics and have started to dabble with table-top games as well. I participated in home D&D games, and then had a brief Twitch D&D run with and it was a BLAST! I look forward to learning more about D&D and getting my feet wet.

Side note: Larping is the absolute best. Prepare for lots of larping topics.

In my preparation for PA School I lost the time and availability needed for Twitch streaming (which bites, because I was about to get Affiliate!) and video editing. I’m switching up my style to written since this is easier for me to both express my creativity, engage with my previous viewers and community, and entertain the masses. Any inquiries on articles may be sent through the Contact Page. I am more than willing to speak as I look for outlets to share my knowledge and experiences, from video games to my budding relationship with table top.