ITSTIMEITSTIMEITSTIME – It’s always super exciting when you start packing for a Larp. Yeah, sure, the act of packing it into a car may not be fun but think about what you’re going to be doing in a few hours! It’s always a fun challenge before the physical weekend to shove 2 PC’s stuff into my little 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo (His name/tag is RGNAROK for future references.) Here’s a good comprehensive list of things to bring, separated into sections.

  • Things you wear. It’s good to have one or two costumes, or at least interchangeable parts (leggings/shirts) that you can change over the weekend so that you don’t smell like dirt, sweat, and that musty cornchip smell all weekend.
    • Costume
    • Interchangeable shirts/pants
    • Sports bras for the ladies are the best, unless you don’t bra up at all. Either works. I like to be tucked in. I usually bring 2 or 3 cause sweat. Lots of sweat.
    • Belts, accessories, pouches, etc
    • Cloak/jacket because it can get cold/rainy.
    • Water shoes/flip flops because i’m weird and shower floors are gross.
    • Weapons! Man, that’d suck if you forgot those and you needed them. Shields included.
    • Out of character water bottles
    • In character water vessel/bottle (water cup, mug, skin etc)
    • Something to sleep in that you won’t be embarrassed if other people see if you get cabin raided. If you’re not willing to fight in it at 2-3am after an hour or so of sleep, reconsider.
    • Out of character clothes for the drive back home/packing up.
    • Out of character shoes, especially if you have worn the same shoes all weekend. Trust me. A nice comfy pair of flip flops or sneakers do wonders.
    • All blacks (black shirt and black sweats/pants) for NPC Monster time.
  • Things you use. While some of these larps are fantasy and set before technology, we are creatures of our time and enjoy our electronics and hygiene. Some of these are assuming you have a sink/electrical outlets. Use your best judgement and try to find out more about your sites to best utilize your space.
    • HYGIENE STUFF. Toothbrush, toothpaste, Ladies: bring the goods. You know them. I honestly try to leave a pack of pads/tampons in the bathroom so people can use them if it sneaks up on them. Soap, shampoo, *whisper watershoes whisper*, deodorant
    • Sleeping Bag or Linens for a bed. If you have a bed you can just line it with some linens or some find sleeping bags to be easier. Up to you which you feel saves more space/easiest to get out of if your cabin gets raided.
    • Extra blanket. Even in the summer it can still absolutely get cold. As someone who gets their body heat from someone else with snuggling, I definitely need one. Most beds are hard to sleep 2 people.
    • Heaters/Electric Blankets. While it is a HUGE caveat that some cabins are not well wired/can cause shorts, you can absolutely utilize these for warmth in the winter.
    • Fans for the summer! Not all cabins are blessed with ceiling fans, and even then it’s not always enough.
    • Mirror. There’s no guarantee that your site will have one, so bring one especially if you use any kind of makeup/facial pieces/paint/etc.
    • Makeup, facepaint, facial pieces, body paint, etc. Mirrors are super helpful.
    • Makeup remover wipes, if applicable.
    • Pencil/Notebook for jotting down notes/events that happened. I’m starting this too for both blogging purposes as well as larp story purposes.
    • Towel for the showers.
    • Pillow(s) for the headspace. I use one, my boyfriend has like, 3 or 4.
    • First Aid Kit. (bandages, ibuprofen, benadryl, ace wrap, gauze)
      • IMPORTANT NOTE: Injuries happen. They super, duper happen. One of my first games after switching from Dag/Amtgard involved someone breaking their ankle in the big field battle. Sometimes a first aid kit isn’t going to do it. Call for medical assistance. Ambulances can totally get where you are for the most part. I now keep a phone on me during field battles for this EXACT reason.
      • IMPORTANT NOTE: Some people will not be comfortable sharing prescription medications, or even non-prescription pain killers. They are not legally obligated. For some larp staff/sites it is illegal to provide anyone with painkillers. That being said, you should just bring some. MOST people are cool sharing Ibuprofen but bring it just in case.
    • Sunscreen. My ass is pasty-pale. I burn in the dark, inside, with no windows. Even if you don’t, still bring it. It’s 3 days. Be safe.
    • Baby Powder for legs. Chafing is a thing.
    • Bug spray for both killing bugs, and for deterring bugs. 2 separate cans. Do not spray the bug killer spray on you.
    • Allergy meds, if you suffer from it. I know I do.
    • Inhalers/medications. I also keep this on me for field battles. Asthma is eww.
    • Electronic chargers. (Phone, fitbit, etc)
    • Extension cords/power strips so that everybody can utilize the plugs.
    • Flashlight for cabin if there are no lights.
    • Tent accessories/Tent, if applicable. (pegs, hammer, tent itself..)
    • Emergency sewing kit. Costume malfunctions happen.
    • Rope/cord for costume malfunctions or just to look cool.
    • Decorations for the cabin if you have the space in both cabin and car.
    • Tape! I tape my character sheet onto the inside of my shield so it’s a quick reference.
  • Food/Drink. This section gets spotty depending on what is available to you. Use your best judgement and know a bit about your site before hand. (Am I staying in a cabin/tent? Is there a kitchen/electricity? etc)
    • Small snackables for whenever. They can be small enough to fit in a pouch/pocket, or something you keep in the tent/cabin for nibbles out of sight.
      • Jerky, trail mix, dried fruit, nuts, fruit, carrots etc.
    • Most larps provide dinner, especially for 3 day events. If you have food allergies, let your larp know ahead of time. Staff is more than accommodating. You will not get teased for your allergies. Just tell them.
    • Crockpot with food already prepared. I bring food for the cabin for nibbles/protein if I need a meal in between. Plus it’s fun to snack. It’s generally something easy, like shredded chicken taco meat. We’re a little extra though, so this isn’t necessary.
    • WATER WATER WATER. RGNAROK will be absolutely filled to the brim with extra water. There should be some on site, too.
    • Source of electrolytes. You will be burning calories and sweating profusely. Bring a few sports drinks or something to add to your water to replenish yourself.
    • Alcohol, if you partake (check with staff to make sure it is allowed before hand, some state parks do not allow it!)
  • Others. Things that may not pertain to you, are for others, or just don’t really fit a category.
    • Your event ticket, if it’s something you need to bring.
    • Parking pass, if that is something you need to bring.
    • Anything you wanted to bring/give to someone else.
    • Commissions (Weapons, Shields, Armor)
    • All of your game tags for weapons, armor etc.
    • Any physical reps that need to be tagged and brought into game.
    • Character sheet, if that is not printed for you at game.
    • Rulebook and/or any printouts you may need (spellcasting, crafting recipes, production tables)
    • Any special briefing for an NPC role, as well as any costuming parts associated with that


As a general note, some of these will not apply to you. Some of these will. It’s up to you to find out more about your site and tailor your needs. That being said, this list was made with a cabin-oriented larp in mind. I tried to add as much tent-oriented larp goods as possible. Last thing you need to bring is YOU! Kick ass, have fun.


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