Welcome to the first blog post!

I snatched a domain name for a cheap price for a few years so that I could get a website back in running order. While i’m not casting (there’s no need for an updated schedule with my casting endeavors, hence why the site rolled over) I still want to post my take on the video games i’m currently playing, or thought pieces regarding things happening in the Esports realm. I also want to branch out on new topics, such as larping and D&D. It’s my way of staying connected to gaming despite drowning in work and school. That being said, it’ll take some time to build up that routine once more.

I appreciate the patience and understanding you guys have shown me. Having to stop streaming a few days before I would have been offered Affiliate really sucked. That being said, I know that when I can come back to it I have the base skills and mildly entertaining banter to make it happen once more. Until then, I appreciate the messages I get on Twitter just checking in and wishing me luck. I miss casting, streaming, gaming til 2 in the morning… but as my priorities shift, so do the ways I can express myself. That being said, I hope to make this an informative, albeit entertaining, outlet for you all.

That doesn’t mean this isn’t for me as well. I’ve been coming apart at the seams trying to find a way to express myself and still keep my feet wet while still attempting to be an entertainer/online persona. Twitter isn’t the place for these discussions unless I want to flood timelines with long threads. I am open to suggestions on topics, though. They can be suggested on Twitter, or through the contact feature on WordPress. I am working on getting the domain attached to this blog so that everything comes together nicely.

I appreciate you slogging through this wall of text! I look forward to hearing any input and producing content once more. ❤ This may not my first choice of content, but we do what we love however we can.

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